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Generation Texas Week!

Dear Parents,
We will be celebrating Generation Texas Week Nov. 27-Dec. 1 This week focuses on promoting high school graduation and higher education among our students. Throughout the week we will discuss the preparation needed for attending college, choosing a career, deciding how to pay for college and much more. On Wednesday, November 18, classes will have visitors to share for Career Day. We have high expectations for your children, and we believe in their future. Thank you for helping us promote a higher education and continued success from them.

To celebrate this week, we invite you to participate with us:

MONDAY: “Follow your dreams”
Dress up as your dream career
Discuss with your child what they want to be when they grow up.

TUESDAY: “Back to Your Future”
Wear college T-shirts or jersey
Teachers will share information about college and their experiences.

WEDNESDAY: Transitions
Wear Conroe High School shirt or colors (black and gold)
Talk with your child about Life after Elementary School

THURSDAY: “Our Future is Powerful”
Wear a superhero t-shirt
Teachers will talk about opportunities other than 4-year colleges.

FRIDAY: Let’s Tie this all together & learn about Paying your Way.
Wear a Tie
Teachers will talk about the cost of college and the different ways to pay.
Thank you for your support!