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Red Ribbon Week is Next Week!

Oct. 23 – Oct. 27 2017

Next week, is designated as Red Ribbon week. We are
inviting all B.B. Rice Raccoons to show their school spirit
and good decision-making skills by participating in our
Drug Free Week! You will find a schedule of events and
discussion topics below. It will be an exciting week!

MONDAY: Use your Head-Don’t use Drug!
Come to school in a crazy hat or with crazy hair.
***Each child will get a red ribbon bracelet to wear all week to pledge that they are drug free!

TUESDAY: Lei Off Drugs
Wear a lei and/or Hawaiian clothes.
***Students will learn that every choice has either a positive or negative consequence.

WEDNESDAY: Give Drugs the Boot!
Wear your cowboy boots and/or any western attire.
***Students will discuss the difference between TELLING, reporting to keep someone
safe, and TATTLING, reporting to get someone in trouble.

THURSDAY: Team up Against Drugs!
Wear your favorite sports shirt or jersey.
***It’s easy to blend in with a crowd, but it’s important to be different. Discuss how
advertisements and peer pressures can influence student decisions.

FRIDAY: Our School Chooses to be Drug Free!
Wear your school shirt or school colors
***Students will practice different ways to just say “No!” (Use a firm voice, suggest
alternative, change the subject, challenge the challenger).